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Parents can help their child’s education in every possible way and any time and encouragement you give to support your child’s learning at home will benefit them greatly.   Working together in partnership, school and parents can move children's learning at a much greater pace.

Homework may introduce, reinforce or extend areas of the curriculum.  A range of activities may include reading, learning words and number facts, written work, games, researching and collecting resources.  All children will receive homework each week, the frequency and content of which will be suited to the age of the child.  The focus will be often English or mathematics although other curriculum areas may also be included.

We particularly encourage the children to listen to stories, share and talk about books, and read at home.  Home school communication through reading diaries or communication books, provide a method of communication between home and school. These can be used to record comments about reading or other aspects of homework or simply to pass messages to your child's teacher. Please ensure your child is aware that they need to pass on the book if you have written a comment so staff can see it.