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Attendance and Health

Learning at Crabbs Cross Academy forms the cornerstone of achievement for the rest of a child’s life.  It is therefore really important that children attend school regularly as even a short absence can mean children missing a fundamental piece of learning which can be difficult to catch up with.

Also parents can really help school achieve a good Ofsted as poor attendance may well lead to a poor Ofsted. 

School is happy to help with any problems you have regarding attendance and will, of course, contact you if we have any concerns resulting from the monitoring of your child's attendance.

Please see our attendance policy below.

Leave of Absence

There is no entitlement for children to have permission to take a holiday in schooltime as they can seriously affect your child’s attendance.  In line with Government policy and the Kingsley Pyramid approach, requests for leave of absence in term time need to be requested via a form from the office, at least four weeks prior to the holiday.  However, unless the reasons for the holiday are exceptional and your child’s attendance is high they will be unauthorised to reflect the importance we place on education.  

Medical Appointments, Late or Early Leavers  

Sometimes, for a range of reasons, a child may arrive at school late or may need to leave early.  In these circumstances please report to the school office where you will be asked to sign your child in or out.  This ensures we always know who is on the premises.  This is vital in case there should be an emergency such as a fire.  If your child has a medical, dental or optical appointment please let the class teacher know in writing. This can be via the Communication Diary.