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Technology in its widest sense in an integrated part of everyone's lives today and as such Crabbs Cross Academy will set the foundation stones for its pupils to 'be prepared for a world that doesn't yet exist, involving technologies that have not yet been invented, and that present technical and ethical challenges of which we are not aware.' Computer Science: A curriculum for Schools' 2012

We aim for our children to be confident, creative and analytical digital users who:

  • Are safe and responsible when on- line
  • Know what to do when they find something they or worried or scared when online
  • Understand the place of technology in the world, how it can impact their lives and how to be discriminative in their application of them
  • Understand technologies and how they work - achieving this through solving problems creatively, developing their own programming skills to answer a question
  • Evaluate technologies, selecting the correct ones for the problem in hand
  • Are digitally literate and can apply their literacy to ask and answer questions and enhance their everyday lives

We aim for our staff to be:

  • Confident in teaching all aspects of the computing curriculum; moving beyond teaching children to be effective software users or researchers
  • Confident data users who understand how to analyse and use data to inform future accelerated pupil progress
  • Discriminatory in the way they select digital resources to extend and enhance learning
  • Safe and responsible users of digital hardware and software
  • To facilitate the above we will offer:
  • High quality professional development for staff
  • New Interactive Whiteboards
  • Visualisers
  • iPads for assessment and digital film making
  • Sets of hardware to use in class to enable all classrooms to be design studios, programming bases, presentation areas, research bases, scientific and mathematical data collection bases and analytical spaces and importantly where children can actively discuss, assess and evaluate technology and software to make reasoned choices.
  • Appropriate software and learning areas  (including for home use)
  • Safe access to the internet and pupil and staff training in how to keep themselves digitally safe; a curriculum leader who is CEOP trained
  • A website that will market the school and provide a clear communication system with our community