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English as a 2nd Language

We value the diversity of school community and welcome children and families from different cultures. The Home cultures of children within the school will be considered when planning assemblies, the curriculum and the extra curricular activities so that they feel they are valued members of our school family.

All children who speak English as an additonal language are assessed in their proficiency in English. This helps the teaching staff to establish the strengths of the children and to plan for opportunities for children to work on their next steps. Following this assessment, the teachers will provide appropriate support - this may include one - to- one support from a skilled Teaching Assistant to develop spoken and comprehension skills; small group support in line with other pupils; support from external professionals (such as the Speech and Language Therapist); amendment of the curriculum. This continue until the child's proficiency is such that they are able to access the curriculum along with others.

In the case of a child where it is suspected there may be also be SEND concerns, school will work closely with the family and use a native speaker to identify if the issue remains a language barrier or a cognitive one. This will be dealt with according to the SEND policy.