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Illness and Infection

If there is the need for an unavoidable absence please let school know on the first day of absence, by telephone or email, explaining the reason. When your child returns we do, by law, require the reason for the absence in writing.  This could be by letter or by completion of an absence report which can be collected from the office and sent in with your child. If your child is unwell whilst they are at school we will contact you and ask you to collect them.

Please notify us immediately if your child is diagnosed with any new allergies or a long term health issue.

Medicines and Accidents    

The only medicine regularly administered in school is long-term medication prescribed by a doctor for conditions such as asthma, diabetes and acute allergies.  A form will need to be completed at the school office.

Please note that:

  1. Medicines will only be accepted from parents, with a completed form, and if the child's name is on the box/bottle from the chemists - see policy below.
  2. No other medicines [including throat lozenges] are allowed in school except a short course of medicine prescribed by the doctor which needs to be adminsitered four times a day. Any needing to be taken three times or less cannot be given in school. A form will have to be completed at the office before any medicine can be given, and the child's name must be clearly on the box/bottle from the chemists.

Should children have an accident any injuries will be treated, details recorded and, in the case of a bumped head a note will be given to the child to take home.  The school has several first aiders.

Emergency Contact Numbers

If an accident requires hospital treatment, you will be contacted immediately.  Please ensure that your contact numbers are up to date in case there is ever an emergency.