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Parents and School in Partnership

Children come to us in Reception having already undertaken much learning with their families from their first words, to  their first steps and beyond. Together, parents and school working in partnership, can continue this learning journey for your child to enable them to move a step further to becoming strong, well skilled individuals. One way this can be achieved is through your support with homework.

Communication with Parents/Carers

There are many ways that school communicates with our community.  The main ones are regular newsletters and letters which come from the Headteacher and messages on our school app. There will also be newsletters at the beginning of each term from year groups.  We have a system using a communication diary/reading book for parents and staff to pass comments about any issues.  Staff will include stickers which indicate behavioural success/areas for improvement during the day, and also parents can comment about reading. These books should be brought into school every day.  We also have a parents' diary which we send out at the beginning of the year highlighting significant dates for the whole year. This is to help busy parents so they are aware when their child will be involved in events such as assemblies, productions, sports days etc.  Other forms of communication include letters, questionnaires, parents' evenings, an open afternoon, specific curriculum information events and our school website. We welcome parents' views and comments.

Voluntary Helpers

Parents, grandparents and members of our community are very welcome to help within school.  Their expertise and time is very valued and can enhance opportunities for the children as each adult has many skills to offer.  If you are interested in helping, please contact the  office. The procedure involves completing an application form which asks for references, undertaking a Disclosure and Barring Check and an interview with the headteacher.

Parents' Consultations

Parents are invited to Parents' Consultation Meetings during the autumn and spring terms.  You will be invited to make a ten minute private appointment with the class teacher/s when there will be an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress.  In the summer we open the school for an Open Afternoon for children to proudly show parents their year’s work. After school on this day there will be a chance to meet your child’s next teacher. Parents wishing to see teachers about progress at any other times are welcome to make an appointment after school at any mutually convenient time.