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Prevent and British Values

Crabbs Cross Academy proudly welcomes children and their families from a range of backgrounds into our community. The vast majority of children are British in background but we also have a number of children from other cultures; this gives us the opportunity to share learning about other home cultures with the children enjoying learning from each other.  

British values are defined in the 2011 Prevent Strategy as:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect 
  • tolerance of those of different faiths and belief

and this definition still stands under the new September 2014 standards for schools and the Equality Act.

The school actively promotes these through a range of opportunities across their school career at Crabbs Cross.

Pupil Voice: Children select their own representatives, by election, who sit on the School Council and take decisions on behalf of the children, which feed into the leadership of the school, sharing their ideas, thoughts and concerns at the highest level, thus influencing the direction school takes. Each class takes the school rules and adapts them to make their own, which guide their behaviours inside the classroom. Each year the children actively study anti bullying during November's  Anti-Bullying week, and also learn about and apply principles of on-line safety. Through considering, applying and learning about our country, pupils grow their understanding of right and wrong, and the respect for others and their environment. This is aided by the Safeguarding Board who are also elected representatives. Children also drive our curriculum plans, voicing their ideas about what they would like to learn in an area, and staff skilfully weave their ideas into the learning plans, giving children real ownership of their learning, this is also demonstrated through their self and peer evaluation of their own work.

Curriculum and wider: Children have opportunities to learn about the current life and times of our royal family, and the history of our country. They also learn about people around them and their lifestyles, enabling empathy and understanding of our local community.  Through Geography, RE, and wider curriculum study they also learn about the lifestyles of those further away to see that people around the world have the same fundamental values and principles that guide their life, but they may express these differently. Our school ethos is underpinned by individual freedom of choice, mutual respect and tolerance and the right and responsibilities that go with this.  

Please see our 'Prevent' policy below which highlights our approaches to safeguarding children from radicalisation.