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The Wider Curriculum

Children need a range of stimuli to engage and inspire them.  We will offer support in this area by utilising opportunities such as:

  • Deepening thinking and applying skills through homework that enables children to celebrate their learning in contexts that are well supported and clear
  • Using longer term homework projects such as setting an broad objective which children can respond to in any way they wish such as 'Explain your learning about Inventors this term, using any approach or media.'
  • Challenging some pupils to in depth personal goals. For example asking a Gifted and Talented group of children to plan and deliver a lesson to some peers to develop their own understanding or
  • Engaging visitors to widen and develop thinking; to give more depth to a subject from their personal perspective; to challenge and develop thinking and creativity - engaging children in projects with such as visiting artists or musicians
  • Seeking inspirational locations for educational visits including a residential every year for the oldest pupils
  • Using our links with other local First and Middle Schools and sending children to specialist days such as Gifted and talented Science days; Inclusive sports festivals for the disabled; sharing high quality national professional development; engaging in cross school projects such as a writing project across schools with shared author input
  • Heightening Physical Education skills with the use of skilled practitioners who can develop both pupil skill level and provide professional development at the same time - for example a skilled Gymnast will work with the whole school over the next twelve months
  • Using mentors to work alongside children in class to provide additional intellectual stimulus, or the Teaching Assistant may support the rest of the class whilst the teacher carries out this role; alternatively this may be by withdrawing the children for specific one to one or small group sessions with a suitably qualified and experienced  Teaching Assistant
  • Providing a range of extracurricular 'clubs' across a range of academic and cultural disciplines and signposting to external providers such as local Sports Clubs, Library sessions, Dance and Music providers.
  • Taking part in competitions, challenges, and quizzes within school and the community